Fibre 10/100Mbps ST Media Converter

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Planet’s Fibre 10/100Mbps ST Media Converter is a Fast Ethernet Bridge 100BASE-FX fibre to 10/100BASE-TX shielded twisted pair (STP) converter. It supports both half-duplex and full-duplex operations. The converter auto-adapts to the highest level of performance supported by the device connected to the STP port. When the device is a switch or a workstation that supports full duplex, the converter adapts to the full-duplex mode and provides an effective 200Mbps bandwidth.

An override switch provides manual control over the half/full-duplex operation of the fibre-optic interface. The FT-801 features LFP (Link Fault Pass-through function) and the DIP switch design can immediately inform administrators in the event of a problem with the link media.

Refer to above PDF Data sheet
Part number – FT-801 Fibre 10/100Mbps ST Media Converter


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