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Internet Video Server

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Part number: IVS-H120

The PLANET Internet Video Server, IVS-H120, allows the conversion of any analog camera into a fully functional IP camera. It integrates the next generation video compression technology – H.264 and can compress the video file size for user to transfer the images on Internet easily. It can stream digital video over an office network in the same way as current IP cameras do. By connecting IVS-H120 with an analog camera, all elements of an existing surveillance system can be upgraded to a new IP surveillance system. The IVS-H120 can send live video and audio through the internet and users can monitor the surveillance via a web browser anywhere in the world.

The IVS-H120 Internet Video Server takes surveillance with 2-Way audio. With a speaker connected to the IVS-H120, the administrator can talk to anyone remotely at the camera site. The IVS-H120 also supports PLANET Media Converter Chassis; maximum 15 IVS-H120 can be installed in the media converter chassis at one time. The power of IVS-H120 was supplied by the media converter chassis and can be centrally managed. It offers a flexible and scalable solution with media converter installation.

The IVS-H120 supports Multi-Profile to transfer different video streams in H.264, MPEG-4 and M-JPEG to different users simultaneously. Moreover, the resolutions can differ from one user to another. This state-of-the-art design is considerable to fit in various network environments. Up to 20 users can access to the IVS-H120 at any point at the same time.

Key Features

• 3GPP for 3G mobile remote applications
• 2-Way audio supported
• Multi-Profile encoder supports H.264 / MPEG-4 and M-JPEG video compression simultaneously
• Supports up to D1 resolution
• Plug-N-Watch feature simplifies system integration in existing network environment
• Save-to-NAS function to save video files without operating software
• Easy configuration and management via Windows-Based utility or web interface
• DDNS, PPPoE and FTP upload supporting provides more alternatives in surveillance network
• Motion Detection can monitor any suspicious movement in specific area
• 20 concurrent user
• DI/DO and RS-485 supported
• Optional installation with Media Converter Chassis
• Cam Viewer Plus - Central management software supported.

Part number: IVS-H120 - Internet Video Server


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