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Outdoor Wireless Access CPE 300Mbps

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The WNAP-6325 is designed to provide a highly-stable, better performance and cost-effective wireless solution in outdoor wireless deployment. With the same transmission power, it offers better significant range and excellent throughput than those of the traditional 802.11g wireless device. Via the embedded 12dBi dual-polarization (vertical and horizontal) directional antenna, it provides good diversity coverage and better noise immunity effect, thus heightening the performance of a long-distance, outdoor connectivity even though the environment is flooded with many 2.4GHz wireless equipment.

The WNAP-6325 is dedicatedly designed for WISP solution that provides CPE users with Internet access via the WISP provider in rural areas. Besides, it caters to various wireless communication connectivities (AP / Client / WDS PtP / WDS PtMP / Repeater), thus meeting users’ application requirements.

The WNAP-6325 supports WEP, WPA / WPA2, WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK wireless encryptions, the advanced WPA2-AES mechanism and 802.1X RADIUS authentication, which can effectively prevent eavesdropping by unauthorized users or bandwidth occupied by unauthenticated wireless access. Furthermore, any users are granted or denied access to the Wireless LAN network based on the ACL (Access Control List) that the administrator pre-established. In addition, with the multiple-SSIDs feature, you can set up different wireless networks. The WNAP-6325 can therefore serve as a virtual access point for segmented networks tailored to any industrial need.

Part number: WNAP-6325 Outdoor 300Mbps Wireless Access CPE 


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