Power Over Ethernet Injector

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The POE-152 is a Power Over Ethernet Injector providing DC 48V over Ethernet cabling. The maximum distance between the Injector (POE-152) and Splitter (POE-152S-5V/12V) is 100 meters.

With 802.3af Power over Ethernet devices installed, the system administrator only has to use a single RJ-45 Ethernet cable to carry both power and data to each device. Connecting through the POE-152 and POE-152S-5V/12V, you can also have the benefits of cost saving, ease of networking planning and higher reliability. Upon installing any 802.3af device, the POE-152 will provide connectivity to a wide variety of PoE enabled devises susch as Wireless Access Points, IP Cameras and VoIP equipment.

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Part number – POE-152 Power Over Ethernet Injector


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