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Unmanaged Switches

Unmanaged Switch

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  1. 5 Port 10/100Mbps Switch
    5 Port 10/100Mbps Switch
  2. 8 Port 10/100Mbps Switch
    8 Port 10/100Mbps Switch
  3. 16-Port 10/100Mbps Switch
    16-Port 10/100Mbps Switch
  4. 24-Port 10/100Mbps Switch
    24-Port 10/100Mbps Switch
  5. 5-Port Gigabit Switch
    5-Port Gigabit Switch
    R395.00 As low as R370.00
  6. 8-Port Gigabit Switch
    8-Port Gigabit Switch
  7. 16-Port Gigabit Switch
    16-Port Gigabit Switch
  8. 24-Port Gigabit Switch
    24-Port Gigabit Switch

8 Items

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