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24 Gigabit Layer 3 Managed Fiber Switch

24 Gigabit Layer 3 Managed Fiber Switch

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Multi port Fiber Optical connective capability extend the coverage of Multi-Layer Routing Services

The PLANET WGS3-24240 24 Gigabit Layer 3 Managed Fiber Switch
Multi-Layer Switch is an essential Layer 3 functionality multimedia Switch which brings high-end security and traffic control to the edge of the network. The WGS3-24240 offers multi port fiber optical connective capability and helps to extend the coverage of Multi-Layer routing Services. With IP routing and multicast routing capabilities and flexible SFP interfaces, the WGS3-24240 is the ideal choice for the core layer of Telecoms, campuses, and enterprises that need long reach and stability of IP metro access networks.

High Performance / Robust Multilayer Routing Capability

The wire-speed routing features are included to provide full support for multimedia Layer 4 applications. It includes Layer 3 IP Static Routing, RIPv1/v2, OSPF, VRRP protocols and Multicast routing protocols such as DVMRP, IGMP, PIM-DM and PIM-SM. It boasts a high performance switch architecture that provides non-blocking switch fabric and L2/L3 wire-speed throughput as high as 48Gbps. The PLANET Managed Multi-Layer Switch solution performs a cost-effective solution for today with the ability to expand as network demands grow.

Flexibility and Extension Solution

The 24 mini-GBIC slots built in the WGS3-24240 are compatible with 1000Base-SX / LX and WDM SFP (Small Factor Pluggable) fiber-optic modules. The data transmission distance can be extended from 550 meters (Multi-Mode fiber) up to above 10/50/70/120 km (Single-Mode fiber or WDM fiber). They are well suited for application within the enterprise data center and distribution.

Excellent Traffic Control

The PLANET WGS3-24240 24 Gigabit Layer 3 Managed Fiber Switch is loaded with powerful traffic management and QoS features to enhance services offered by telecoms. The QoS features include wire-speed Layer 4 traffic classifiers, bandwidth limiting, Policy-Based DiffServ that are particular helpful for multi-tenant unit, multi business unit, Telco, or Network Service Provide applications. It also empowers the enterprises to take full advantages of the limited network resources and guarantee the best performance at VoIP and Video conferencing transmission.

Powerful Security

The PLANET WGS3-24240 offers comprehensive Access Control List (ACL) to enforce security to the edge. Its protection mechanisms comprise port-based 802.1x user and device authentication. The port-security is effective in limit the numbers of clients pass through. The administrators can now construct highly secured corporate networks with considerably less time and effort than before.

Efficient Management

With its built-in Web-based management, the PLANET WGS3-24240 offers an easy-to-use, platform-independent management and configuration facility. The PLANET WGS3-24240 supports standard Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and can be managed via any standard-based management software. For text-based management, the WGS3-24240 can also be accessed via Telnet and the console port. For secure remote management, the WGS3-24240 support SSL and SSH connection which encrypt the packet content at each session.

Part number: WGS3-24240 - 24 Gigabit Layer 3 Managed Fiber Switch