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24-Port 10-100Mbps Switch

24-Port 10-100Mbps Switch

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In line with the energy-saving trends worldwide, PLANET delivers the 24-Port 10/100Mbps Switch new generation Green Networking Switch. Upgraded from previous versions and provides both benefits of energy saving and high performance. It’s specially designed for SOHO, SMB and Workgroup users. The FNSW-2401 utilizes a new engine that provides power saving up to 12% less energy, but also maintaining performance efficiently. 

The FNSW-2401 provides users with high speed network connectivity. With its auto-negotiation capability, all the RJ-45/STP ports of the FNSW-2401 can be configured to speeds of 10/20Mbps or 100/200Mbps automatically.

The MDI/ MDIX auto-detection is for easy, plug and play connection, regardless of the cabling type, straight through or crossover.

Part number – FNSW-2401 24-Port 10/100Mbps Switch