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Clover Daisy Power Cable

Clover Daisy Power Cable

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The Clover Daisy Power Cable 2-Way features a male 3-prong plug which splits to a female 3-prong shroud and a female clover socket. Simply plug the power cord's male prong into a standard electrical outlet, and you're ready to power multiple electronic devices. Saving space by eliminating extra cables, and keeps your surge strip and UPS outlets from being blocked by bulky AC transformers.

Ideal for use in compact workplaces or home offices where there is limited space for electronic equipment.
Compatible for power transformers, computers, monitors, scanners, printers, and other devices that use a 3-pin male to female shroud power connector.


Connector 1: 3-Pin Dedicated Red Top Plug 
Connector 2: 3-Prong Kettle Female Socket
Connector 3: 3-Prong Clover Female Socket

Cable Length: 2.8m