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Duplex Mid Couplers

Duplex Mid Couplers

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The Duplex Mid Couplers is a cost-effective solution that provides higher bandwidth and transmission rates and supports longer distances. Specifically designed for utilization with narrower aperture components, this coupler is fully compatible with multimode applications. The moulding process provides each connection greater durability in resisting pulls, strains and impacts from cabling installers.

Providing a great solution when you need to join two fibre patch cables together. The mid-coupler is panel-mountable so you can use it where all your connections are accessible or connect two fibre duplex patch cables to extend the connection.


Duplex LC/LC Mid Coupler Multi Mode 
Duplex SC/SC Mid Coupler Multi Mode
Simplex ST/ST Mid Coupler Multi Mode

Duplex Mid Coupler LC/LC Single Mode