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HDMI Cables 4K

HDMI Cables 4K

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The VCOM HDMI Cables V2.0 ensures users optimal performance of their IP enabled devices without the extra need for additional cables. The HDMI cables support 3D over HDMI providing a true 3D home theatre experience.

The video resolution of the VCOM cables surpasses 4K resolution and is the perfect solution for the connection of Computers, Cameras, LCD TV’s and any HDMI supported display product. An advanced cable design, top quality materials with 24K gold plating, and superior construction maximize the experience and leaves nothing to chance.

Connector 1: HDMI Male
Connector 2: HDMI Male


HDMI Cable V2.0 1.8m
HDMI Cable V2.0 5m
HDMI Cable V2.0 10m
HDMI Cable V2.0 15m
HDMI Cable V2.0 20m

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