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Power Ducts

Power Ducts

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The Power Ducts eliminates power management issues that’s essential for any IT or facilities manager. Redstrut’s standardized PDU’s are designed to increase the manageability and efficiency of your data centre. 

The 6-Way / 10-Way  Power Distribution Unit can be mounted vertically or horizontally within the server rack or wall mount cabinet, delivering power to the proximity of the equipment within the rack. 19” Industrial 1.5U Aluminium 250V, 16Amp PDU (Power Distribution Unit) fitted with an emergency on/off switch and a 1.8m power lead.

Size: 19” (Width) x (Height) 483mm x 1.5U 
Height: 1.5U = 66.68mm


Power Duct 19" 6-Way 
Power Duct 19" 10-Way 

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