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RJ45 Ratchet Crimping Tool

RJ45 Ratchet Crimping Tool

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The RJ45 Ratchet Crimping Tool is a high quality heavy duty crimper designed for crimping, cutting and stripping RJ-11, RJ-12, RJ-45 network cables with ease and efficiency. Its durable body is composed of hardened steel and the additional ratchet feature allows for large manufacturing of fly leads to occur more professionally and seamlessly.

Having the right tool can make all the difference in the world. Make us your source for quality tools including cutters, strippers and crimpers. You have the option of buying the tools separately or building your own tool kit (See Networking Toolkit) we have a tool solution for almost any networking job.

Part number – RJ45-TOOL/3 RJ45 Ratchet Crimping Tool