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Outdoor Long Range Wireless CPE Kit

Outdoor Long Range Wireless CPE Kit

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PLANET WBS-900AC-KIT 5GHz 802.11ac 900Mbps TDMA Outdoor Long-range Wireless CPE Kit offers a long-range and excellent throughput better than those of the traditional wireless device. The distance from one location to another can reach up to 20km. With the standard IEEE 802.3at Power over Ethernet (PoE) design, the WBS-900AC CPE can be easily installed in the areas where power outlets are not available. The WBS-900AC-KIT is definitely suitable for wireless long-distance city-to-city connectivity for all applications.

Based on TDMA and ATPC (Automatic Transmit Power Control) technology, the WBS-900AC-KIT allows a number of users to share the same frequency band without interference between users by allowing them to transmit at a different time slot. With the IP65-rated outdoor enclosure, the WBS-900AC-KIT can perform normally under rigorous weather conditions, meaning it can be installed in any harsh, outdoor environments

Part number – WBS-900AC-KIT 5GHz 802.11ac 900Mbps TDMA Outdoor Long Range Wireless CPE Kit